Bringing Flavor Back to the Kitchen

About Big Bruh's

Our company specializes in creating and distributing unique seasoning blends. We can bring flavor back to your kitchen from individual in-person sales to bulk wholesale orders. From our humble beginnings in 2018 with our All-In-One blend, our palette explodes with flavor across many more dimensions.

Big Bruh’s Seasoning can be used as a dry rub, marinade, or accent seasoning on all your meats, poultry, fish/seafood, veggies, and soups/stews! It has a little heat and sweetness but is the perfect balance without being overpowering on either side! It leaves all your food with a bold flavor!

Liz Virgil Christy
Our Founding Partners

Virgil Cash

Virgil is the Founder and the face of Big Bruh’s Seasoning! He has spent over four years perfecting each of the seasonings through research and development. He also has a Bachelor of Science in Music Production, which is how he spends his time when he’s not mastering delicious concoctions in the kitchen! He loves spending time with family and friends. Virgil’s favorite way to use Big Bruh’s is on Chicken Wings.

Christina Waldon

Christina is a founding partner in Big Bruh’s Seasoning. She works in all areas of the business but is primarily focused on marketing/sales/production. She is a graduate of Full Sail University with a Master’s in Business Entertainment and a Master’s in Internet Marketing. She loves the outdoors and enjoys football, soccer, and baseball. Her favorite foods flavored with Big Bruh’s Seasoning are roasted/grilled veggies, Chicken and dumplings, and chicken wings. It also goes great with a smoked Old Fashioned!

Christina “Tina” Gant

Christina “Tina” Gant

Tina is also a founding partner of Big Bruh’s Seasoning. Her background in business makes her a great asset in business development and marketing. She is a big soccer fan and loves the outdoors. Her favorite way to enjoy Big Bruh’s seasoning is on cabbage fresh from the grill, eating on her back deck with a cold beer.